Martin Tsvetkov

SEFE, Inc. (PINK:SEFE) Caught in a Promo Web

by Martin Tsvetkov September 12, 2012
53SEFE_chart.pngThe stock of SEFE, Inc. (PINK:SEFE) has headed straight down and paid pumpers are unable to revitalize it no matter how hard they try. If you cast a glance at how SEFE shares have been doing in the market for the last six months or so, you will definitely get my point.

SEFE has more or less been subject to paid advertising since late-March. While the promos yielded a couple of positive results at first, it was the campaign on May 22 that brought this positive development to an abrupt end. As a result, SEFE has since been going downhill.

3SEFE_logo.pngToday, third party Winning Media has unleashed a new promotional wave in support of SEFE stock by investing $40 thousand in the pump. Are there any reasons to believe that the current situation might improve this time? Apparently not. Why?

On the one hand, Winning Media's historical record is nothing to be overly excited about. On the other hand, the past performance of AwesomeStocks, the main promoter behind the current investor awareness program, is far from impeccable, either. Indeed, their most recent promotions all brought substantial losses for investors at the closing of the corresponding session as seen here.

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