Jovita Baltrusaityte

What Will Recover the Stock of CA Techs (NASDAQ:CA)? Windows Scan Rogue?

by Jovita Baltrusaityte February 2, 2011
This time they have released a rogueware named Windows Scan, which has showed up on January 24th and seems to be still on the stage (in case you have problems related to this malicious application, follow the removal instructions). Every single day, the creators of malware of this kind become more powerful, and in this way Internet security companies have to prove that their products are worth something.

Despite that, security companies are expected to show what they can do concerning the question of computer security. Besides, it's not a secret that a rogueware, or any other kind of threat, could affect the image of any company which provides service  like cleaning machines from malware.

Maybe, in the case of CA Technologies, the rogueware Windows Scan will be able to improve the performance of the company? We just need some time till the Q4 shows up.

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