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Brand-New Promo Game Launched For Global Clean Energy, Inc. (PINK:GCEI)

by Martin Tsvetkov September 25, 2012
GCEI_chart.gifAccording to some market researchers, the stock of Global Clean Energy, Inc. (PINK:GCEI) looks poised to make a positive run on the charts. Obviously, promoters LuckyStockPicks and PennyStockShark, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Raven Consulting Corp., have been paid $20 thousand to raise awareness about GCEI stock among investors.

Having traded above its moving average level for a few days or so, GCEI does look ripe for a possible bullish trend. However, in the light of the last two sessions (in which GCEI gained 19% and 21%, respectively), the stock's potential may not be as high as it seems.

Yesterday, in particular, GCEI scored a six-month record both in terms of price and volume after the company announced it was on the verge of acquiring Houston Industrial Minerals (HIM). The latter, which pretends to have spent 20 successful years in the industrial materials and transportation business, is expected to fulfil GCEI's transportation needs.

GCEI is committed to developing waste-to-energy solutions in regions with high-priced energy sources. At present, however, the company seems to lack the financial resources needed to implement these plans. As of Jun. 30, the total stockholders' deficit amounts to nearly $1.2 million.

GCEI_logo.pngWhile GCEI has yet to prove itself on the charts, the current promotional campaign could shake it up a little today. Yet, you should carefully examine the past performance of the above mentioned promoters before getting in. On Sept. 19, PennyStockShark got paid $20 thousand to promote the stock of Brazil Resources, Inc. (PINK:BRIZF). As a result, BRIZF closed the day at a loss of 6.59%. What is more, when they got $10 thousand to tout the shares of First Corp. (PINK:FSTC), the latter went down 11% by the end of the day. On the other hand, when LuckyStockPicks raised awareness about Catalyst Resource Group, Inc. (PINK:CATA) against a remuneration of $10 thousand, CATA shares ended up losing 35% of their market value in just under a few hours.

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