Hristina Beeva

Vivus Inc. (NASDAQ:VVUS) Sees Insurer Support, Promising Higher Sales

by Hristina Beeva October 2, 2012

The drug is in its very early stages of market acceptance, as only about 100 prescriptions were written in the week ending September 21st.

The expectation for the new drug, however, helped boost Vivus shares by 83 percent this year, to aroung $18.57 at Monday's closing, up 4.2 percent for the day.

The main competitor, Arena Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ARNA) had its own brand Belviq approved for sales at the end of June. Another drug is in the pipeline, coming from Orexicen Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:OREX).

The drugs are still new to health specialists and all the firms in the sector expect the sales to come slowly and to depend on government will to tackle the problem of obesity. Lack of political will and not seeing obesity as a social issue hampers Vivus's foray on the European market, as its therapy faces a blocking proposal from the European Commission.

The two drugs both promise high sales, as they could address obesity and related health issues, spread among more than a third of the US population.

Arena Pharmaceuticals stock fell last week by 8.17 percent, for a total September decline of 10.5 percent, closing on Monday at $8.31.
IMPORTANT VVUS UPDATE: October 2nd 2012 - VVUS is making a chart pattern that has been seen 10,375 times since the year 2000.  52.87% of the stocks that have made this pattern went up over 13% in a 20 day period.  Watch the video to learn more about the probabilities of VVUS stock moving up or down.

VVUS Backtested Performance
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