Petar Ilievski

The Poor Management of Tuffnell Ltd. (OTC:TUFF) Works Steadily for Shareholder Well-Being

by Petar Ilievski February 9, 2011

To determine the risk and potential of Tuffnell, a person should first understand what the company actually looks like. A brief glance at its history would reveal very peculiar facts. First of all, this is a UK company, operating in Arizona. It has no revenues, and according to the same 10-Q report from yesterday it has cash just enough to pay the salary of its CEO for 2011. Well, when $300k are spent on promotions in the past, it is hard to have enough cash for the present. Besides that, we should not worry about Mr. George Dory. Despite the low salary, he owns 33 million shares out of 58 total outstanding, which he bought at a sub-penny price. Keep this in mind when considering the future development of the company.

On the other hand, there is still some hope among investors. It is a development stage company with a property, located in a region where gold mining did take place in the past. If Tuffnell manages to find the right spot, it would no longer raise substantial doubt as to the very reason why the company exists.

Yet, this is a forward-thinking statement. The current one is more likely to be - check what you are willing to lose before you start dreaming  of what you may earn. There is thick fog lying on the future path of Tuffnell Ltd.

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