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Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Stepping On Some Japanese Toes With New C-Max Hybrid Ad Campaign

by Todor Pichurov October 4, 2012
2F_chart.pngHenry Ford didn't need to pound on his competition to sell his product, partly because there was virtually no competition. It seems times have changed, though.

In promoting their new C-Max hybrid-only wagon, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F, F message board) are launching an advertising campaign that will air on CNN and will feature a two-dimensional animation. The animation will contain simplified line-drawings of a character, cruising in a C-Max and driving past a "rendering" of a Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE:TM) Prius V wagon, Bloomberg says, while a voice-over praises the Ford car compared to the Toyota.

The ad gets even bolder, with the voice-over stating that the C-Max has "lots more horsepower" than the Prius V and "bests" it in the miles per gallon metric. Ford have stated that their new car can pull 188 horsepower, 54 more than TM's Prius V. In the mpg department, the new Ford offering is rated at 47 miles or 76 kilometers per gallon, again outperforming the Prius V.

Ford are putting out six different electric and hybrid vehicles this year and analysts call this company's move "spreading their risk". The company will have a lot of catching up to do with 51% of hybrid sales in the U.S. up until August being Toyota cars and only 4% - Fords, as per statistics from LMC Automotive.

Considering the deep-rooted popularity of Toyota hybrids and the fact that Japanese automakers have restocked inventories following the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, it looks like Ford is facing a tough battle and is ready to openly duke it out with Toyota in a bid for customer favor.

Ford's vision of the future relies heavily on fuel efficiency, which the company looks capable of achieving. The question is whether a sufficient number of people will prefer Ford's saver hybrids over Toyota cars and electric vehicles from Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA). Again, according to LMC Automotive, C-Max sales in the 20-25 thousand unit range should make Ford happy.

Ford inched a little higher in yesterday's trading session, closing 15 cents up at $9.94.

IMPORTANT FORD UPDATE: October 4th 2012 - F is making a chart pattern that has been seen 1,083 times since the year 2000.  55.59% of the stocks that have made this pattern went up over 8% on average in a 20 day period.  Watch the video to learn more about the probabilities of F stock moving up or down.

F Backtested Performance
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