Nelly Shishkova

Precision Petroleum Corp. (OTC:PPTO) Strengthens the Promotional Campaign

by Nelly Shishkova February 10, 2011
Looks like Precision Petroleum Corp. (OTC:PPTO) has not been satisfied with its market position and decided to secure it PPTO_chart1.pngagain. After the stock was promoted just two days ago, the promotions continued throughout the whole week.

As already reported on, a few days ago PPTO was promoted by an unknown promoter who was paid $100.000 for the campaign. The compensation came from an unrelated third party and the services performed have included profiling the company on the website and issuing opinions concerning PPTO in newsletters and press releases. The promotions were accompanied by the company's positive news, which additionally fueled up the stock price.

In the meantime, the promotions continue and the campaign cost $230,000 until yesterday, while the paying party remains unknown. It seems that PPTO has been furiously pumped up, however, the stock price is negative again, while the traded volume is flying up.

PPTO_logo.pngOf course, Precision Petroleum has been fighting to re-ensure its chart position by more optimistic announcements on its activities. The next one came up yesterday, reporting that their McNeil #1 "could become a significant revenue stream for the company." Will this news manipulate PPTO stock price is just about to be seen, though anyways the promotions are still on.

And while promoters are spreading out speculative alerts, Precision Petroleum lies on optimistic expectations and poor financials. As of end-September the company's cash balance has decreased as compared to the previous year, and the working capital deficiency has exceeded $1 million. Apart from these facts, PPTO has a significant accumulated deficit and a net loss from operations. In other words, if Precision Petroleum doesn't find additional funds for its operations, the company's continuation will be placed under substantial doubt.

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