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Looking for a Reason Why People Should Trust the Promotion for Falken Industries (PINK:FLKI)

by Petar Ilievski February 16, 2011
FLKI-logo.gifThere is something very suspicious about this company, the promotion, the promoter and every bit of information included. An international leader, an uncontested recognized leader for price stability, heavy development, enhancement of strengths - this is what  the third party wants you to know about Falken Industries (PINK:FLKI, FLKI message board). There is a vast difference, however, between what you you are wanted to know and what you actually need to know. Always do you due diligence! FLKI-16.02.11.png

You can also stick with the scarce information at hand, but then you would be just another blindfolded investor, walking through the stock market minefield. Let`s imagine that you are, indeed, one. What you are doing is reading the latest promotion for Falken. Simply put, claims about how great the company is and that an unknown shareholder paid money in order to reach you. Operations in Europe, increasing revenues, great potential. There are, nonetheless, several facts which also should be considered.

FLKI-office.jpgIf you check the websites of the European Falken ventures, you might wonder - ok, there is a contact number, but no address on the website. The other one, in terms, does have an address in France. According to google maps, this office appears to be a beautiful meadow. Quite a picturesque location, but not quite the open-air office you would expect from a global leader.

The very performance of the stock recently does not exactly inspire confidence. It is categorized by extreme increase and decrease of the price on a daily basis, without the usual huge volumes that come with such volatile movement. All in all, the element of uncertainty prevails here as well.

Uncertainty, nevertheless, is not necessarily a bad condition for a certain type of investors. If you are a skilled one, you can make money out of Falken. Just time it right. There hasn`t been a promotion recently, yet there were the above mentioned sharp increases of the share prices. Now that a promotion has stepped in, it would be no surprise if the stock returns to its December levels, even if for a short while. 

If you are looking for sustainable growth and solid evidence that things are, indeed, going in the right direction, it might be better to stay away from Falken.

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