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Heavy Promotional Fire Hits Traders of Fresh Start Private Management(OTC:CEYY)

by Petar Ilievski February 23, 2011
8logo-CEYY.jpgThere are way too many alcoholics out there and Fresh Start Private Management(OTC:CEYY, CEYY message board) likes that. The other favourite is promotions. And this is actually what has been going on with this stock recently - some news, lots of alcoholics to treat, lots of paid promotions to push the price up.

Truth be told, the strategy seems to work. There is an increase in the stock price in the last few days, and the positive trend would remain until the end of the week. But it all depends on how much more money would be spent on promotions. Yesterday, for example, eleven came out, which is why the stock soared in price as trading volumes exploded to above 2 million.CEYY-23.02.11.png

In all fairness, this might be a niche opportunity exactly for companies like Fresh Start. There is no doubt that alcohol abuse is an increasingly serious problem for the US population, as addicts number increases while the age limit is getting lower on an annual basis. Yet, it is still a long way before the management of the company provides real evidence that Fresh Start is doing good enough to be a lucrative choice for investment. One way would be to file far more promising financial statements for 2011.

Otherwise, claims about potential returns, increasing number of patients or opening new clinics would do hardly anything more than provide speculative investors with a 24 gap to reap profits out of the volatility in the market. For those of you who are not familiar with the recent development of Fresh Start shares, it is important to mention that not all promotions help shareholders profit even in the short term.
Last December, just when the price was going for $0.80, suddenly someone dumped 4 million shares on the market, which had rapid and shocking result - the price dropped to $0.05 in a matter of 48 hours, and it took a lot of company announcements and promotions to bring some stability for the stock. Whether a similar scenario would take place soon, is another matter. 

It is also important to remember that not so long ago the company had a very different main line of business, before it merged to form the current Fresh Start Private. In some statements from previous months, traders might remember that the company assured them that the former line of business would not be abandoned. Yet, it was, and it is only time that will show whether real sustainable growth can be achieved this time.

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