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Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC:CBIS) Blasts Off Prematurely

by Peter Hristov February 23, 2011
8CBIS_chart.pngCannabis Science, Inc. (OTC:CBIS, CBIS message board) sharply changed course yesterday when it flaunted a pompous announcement in the face of investors. The company stated that some patients report that a product of CBIS can kill cancer sells.

CBIS skyrocketed immediately after the news was published. CBIS shares soared 102% to $0.068, while volume surged 20 times over the average value. After the session, a couple of alerts popped up expressing their delight of the performance of CBIS and recommended the stock to be added to watch lists for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the exaltation of CBIS seems premature at this stage, given that it relied only on the unconfirmed reports of some patients. Who are these patients? The company employees or other? It didn't become clear from the publishing. Let alone that announcements about such a globally sensitive issue as cancer treatment would be much more believable if they were accompanied by a serious scientific backup.

4Cannabis_science_logo.jpgThe CEO of CBIS stated that "we are on the verge of a revolution in medicine". However, this statement is heard every day from thousands of other entrepreneurs, but few of them materialize into reality. Therefore, the excitement about CBIS seems premature, especially since the company will have to tramp a long way before its supposed cancer treatment gets approved or disapproved.

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