Jovita Baltrusaityte

Is Children's Internet (PINK:CITC) Ready to Fight AntiMalware Go?

by Jovita Baltrusaityte March 9, 2011

It looks like the company has been in the winter sleep for several years already as there is no data of its financial performance since the end of the year 2008.

According to several websites, it even tried to promote itself in the middle of 2010, but the stock wasn't affected in any way.

What's next? Children aren't going to be saved from dangers like AntiMalware Go, which is one of the biggest threats on the Internet these days (in order to remove AntiMalware Go, be sure to keep to the instructions provided).

All in all, even if the website of Children's Internet states that it is "either a server error or the page link is invalid", what can we expect from people then. Maybe children will be soon unavailable.

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