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The Market Caliber Team's Latest Promo Victim is Lifetech Industries, Inc. (OTC:LTCH)

by Martin Tsvetkov December 7, 2012
LTCH_chart.pngFar away in pennyland there lives a penny stock known as Lifetech Industries, Inc. (OTC:LTCH). What it is currently renowned for is that promoters have been touting the stock like crazy and will, by all means, continue to do so, come hell or high water.

LTCH_logo.jpgIndeed, looking at our huge promotional database, it is clearly evident that Lifetech Industries, Inc. (OTC:LTCH) has been one of the most heavily promoted stocks recently. Numerous emails sent by various promoters and campaigns initiated by a myriad of third parties. This is what LTCH is all about now. Let us examine the run of events which led to this campaign in the first place.

Originally incorporated in 2010, LTCH used to be focused on SPA & Wellness services before it shifted towards a completely different business direction, i.e the so called air-to-water generation. The latter naturally stemmed from a JV agreement with the Japanese Leadwill Corporation - a supposed producer of atmospheric water generators (AWGs) - signed in late-April. Following a period of prolonged silence and zero investor interest, the company started putting out one press release after another in early-October. As expected, this must have attracted the attention of select stakeholders who have obviously wasted no time unleashing a grand advertising campaign to ramp up the value of LTCH stock as much as possible.

GFMH_failure_1.pngWhile some of the emails set a target price of $2 per share, the accomplishment of this mission seems highly unlikely now. In fact, LTCH went as high as $1.11 per share, while the RSI shot up to a whopping 95%, and you all know what a figure of such magnitude implies. Looking at the last two sessions, the campaign has already started running out of steam as LTCH is slowly heading for a downward trend.

Considering that LTCH only recently adopted the business of air-to-water generation, it has yet to see whether the consequenses of this move will be favourable or not. The technology does sound promising as it is said to produce clean water free of chemicals and other pollutants by filtering condensed moisturized air. Yet, LTCH does not appear to have the financial strength required to take full advantage of the global exclusive right to distribute AWG products and technologies. Until managers secure adequate funding to grow this seemingly lucrative market niche, LTCH shares will most probably remain fully exposed to the treacherous games promoters are notorious for.

YLLC_chart_2.pngTo back up our thesis, let us draw your attention to a couple of penny stocks whose market value really suffered great losses due to the pump activities carried out by The Market Caliber Team, one of the players behind the current pump on LTCH:

  • Goliath Film and Media Holdings (OTC:GFMH) -> promoted on Oct 22 for $30 thousand, GFMH recorded a first-day loss of 24% and has since depreciated by as much as 94%.
  • Yellow7, Inc. (PINK:YLLC) -> pumped on Sept. 13 for $30 thousand, YLLC stock incurred an excruciating first-day loss of approx. 50%. And there is even more to it. To date, YLLC has gone down 96% as compared to its pre-promo value.

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