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Stock Digest Report & Affiliates to Pump Dragon Polymers Inc. (PINK:DRAG) Today

by Martin Tsvetkov December 20, 2012
3DRAG_chart.pngWhen we last covered Dragon Polymers Inc. (PINK:DRAG) three weeks ago, the stock had just fallen victim to a full-blown, fifty-thousand-grand promotional scheme. Followed by a few consequential negative sessions, the company's market value quickly subsided, thus paving the way for a brand-new pump job on DRAG.

DRAG_logo.jpgPowered by a third party Red Tie Financial, today's forty-thousand-dollar campaign is led by Research Driven Investor through its subsidiaries David Cohen, Actual Gains, and Stock Digest Report to name but a few. What is DRAG's starting point today and how much does it differ from the previous pump, though?

84GBEN_failure_1.pngCurrently valued at $0.0165 per share, DRAG has lost an aggregate 30% in comparison with its pre-Nov. 29 value. When Hot Stock Ace Publisher launched their campaign on DRAG, not only did it result in a first-day loss of 4%, but it also brought about a prolonged, six-day downtrend on the charts. Based on that, we can now safely assume that HSAP's awareness program on DRAG proved fairly disastrous, which is why investors had better proceed with extreme caution today should anyone decide on taking a chance on the stock.

Fundamentally speaking, DRAG does not appear to be attractive enough. According to the latest data, the company's market cap goes somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.15 million. What we have got on the other side of the coin are:

  • GMXS_failure_2.png$720 in cash
  • $207K in current assets
  • $600K in supposedly other assets
  • $675K in current liabilities
  • accumulated deficit in excess of $14.3 million.

In short, that is what you would get if you bought in DRAG's total amount of freely tradable shares at the current price. So, what do you think - is this price over- or undervalued? Well, according to RDI's pompous statements, DRAG is ready, willing and able to gap up big time. In the light of the figures stated above, however, we would rather remain pessimistic.

To wrap it up, let us examine how "well" RDI performed from a historical standpoint:

  1. SEHI_failure_3.pngGlobal Resource Energy, Inc. (PINK:GBEN) -> promoted on Dec. 6 by David Cohen against a remuneration package of $100 thousand, GBEN did gain 11% on the subsequent session, only to take a huge nosedive in the aftermath. By Dec. 17, GBEN had already gone down 70% and has so far remained totally unable to regain its pre-promo levels.
  2. Gemini Explorations, Inc. (PINK:GMXS) -> pumped on Nov. 30 by Stock Digest Report for $35 thousand, GMXS slumped by 31% on the first day alone. To date, GMXS has already wiped off a whopping 72% of its market value.
  3. Stadium Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (PINK:SEHI) -> touted on Dec. 3 by Actual Gains against $12K, SEHI failed to move up on day one. However, it went down 20% on the next day, followed by a few more downs. Presently, SEHI is traded at around $0.16 per share, down 35% from its pre-promo levels.

Should you need additional past pumps jobs carried out by the promoters mentioned above, feel free to check them out on our Newsletters section.



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