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Vitamin Blue Inc (OTC:VTMB) Catches a Second Wave of Promotion

by Borislav Tonev January 15, 2013
0VTMB.pngA week ago we received our first emails about Vitamin Blue Inc (OTC:VTMB, VTMB message board) and we did a thorough check on them to see if they were a viable option when it comes to investing your money. We found quite a few disturbing facts and warned you that, as always, you should be very careful when making your decision. Sure enough, a week later, VTMB is down 40%. This apparently is not enough to stop the dudes at Vitamin Blue and their promoters.

During the first promotion, the emails stated that there is a huge wave coming up that could leave you well in the black, but the chart clearly shows that the peaks lasted for seconds and it was quite difficult to make any sort of profit out of it. What's even worse, the price has been going steadily down since then and is now precariously close to the 52-week low. Promoters are unperturbed however, and StockLockAndLoad are now trying to pump the stock once again.

This time, VTMB lent a helping hand by proudly announcing that a selection of their products are available for every surfing enthusiast to buy on Sure enough we headed straight to one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world an we started looking for VTMB's surfing accessories. After scrolling through thousands of vitamin products (VTMB should really think about changing their name) we managed to find some racks that you can place on the roof of your car and cruise the streets of Miami in style.

There are different models for different sizes of boards and some of them are sporting the rather trendy (at least in the surfing community) flowery theme, some are camouflaged and some are black for the more conservative clients. This is totally rad as some surfers would say but there are a few problems.

As we wrote in the previous article about VTMB, according to their latest financial report, they are not the wealthiest of companies. Predictably, they have not published anything more recent, so we have no reasons to suggest that things have changed. You can check out the most crucial numbers right here and, the full report is available through this link.

0VTMB_logo.pngVTMB's press-release emphasizes the importance of having their products listed on one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. They also say that this will raise the company's popularity and will greatly enlarge their fanbase. At the same time, the About section of their company profile at Amazon states that they are ready to provide every customer with first-class customer service, nothing else. It makes you wonder why didn't they take the time to write a few sentences about who they are and what they do. After all, this is a great chance to raise awareness.

VTMB are also very happy with the fact that their potential customers will be able to compare their products with the ones from their competitors both in terms of characteristic and price which, no doubt, is a plus. The thing is, we did compare their roof racks to the others available on Amazon, and we found that VTMB's products were quite a bit pricier. This wouldn't have been such a bad thing if they were an established brand with lots of followers but, unfortunately, they are not.

6SUNB.pngAs we mentioned, last week's promotion on VTMB went horribly wrong and we are pretty sure that history is about to repeat itself. Especially when we look at the history of today's promoter - StockLockAndLoad. 4 days ago, they were part of the advertising campaign for SUNBELT INTL CORP (PINK:SUNB). We covered that one as well and we implied that there are a lot of reasons why you should be careful with it. Now, a couple of trading sessions later, SUNB is down a whopping 53%.

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