Nelly Shishkova

Abtech Holdings, Inc. (OTC:ABHD) Falls Down Despite Promotions?

by Nelly Shishkova March 29, 2011
Abtech Holdings, Inc. (OTC:ABHD) took the way down yesterday. But the strangest thing here is that the stock price ABHD_chart.pngdecreased despite the latest promotions and good news.

According to the records, yesterday ABHD was promoted by The Stock Psycho, pointing out that the company's Smart Sponge technology was among the best ones in the world. The campaign cost $30000 in total, paid by Winning Media. Though, it looks like either the promotion wasn't strong enough to pump up the stock price, or the results are still to come up. Anyway, Abtech Holdings has certainly decided to re-ensure its market position by releasing some good news on its business.

The company's latest announcement was published just yesterday to report that the team was expanding its technology for nuclear waste-water treatment. The news came up along with the latest promotion of ABHD, though none of these has succeeded in supporting the stock price at this point. In any case, if investors got interested, it should be seen any minute.

AbTech Holdings Inc. focuses on cleaning technology products and services, specifically in the water clean-up sector. Last July, the company used to trade about 50% higher than at present, however, the stock price has moved down since then.

Abtech_logo.pngAccording its 10-Q report, by end-November, 2010 ABHD has more assets than liabilities in its balance, though it has not covered its deficit during the pre-exploration and development stage periods. Besides, the company still has no revenues from operations and its net loss remains unpaid.

The management claims that Abtech is dependent upon finding additional working capital to service its debt and to develop the business. Though, due to the lack of revenues, the only way for obtaining new funds is through equity funding and long term financing, which however cannot be guaranteed.

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January 25, 2015, 03:52AM

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