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Juhl Wind, Inc. (OTC:JUHL) Climbs Higher on Promotions

by Nelly Shishkova April 1, 2011
Juhl Wind, Inc. (OTC:JUHL) has been advancing up fast these days. Yesterday, the stock soared over 17% on the market and JUHL_chart.pngtraders are expecting even more. Most probably, due to the latest promotions of JUHL.

The campaign dates from yesterday, when the stock was promoted by free hot penny stocks that placed the company among the "pioneered community-based wind farms" with a number of successful projects. The compensation for the promotion was worth $13.000, paid by an unknown promoter, which however, influenced JUHL stock price. In this way, the total sum for promoting JUHL in March reached $38.000.

Apart from the promotions, Juhl Wind has been supporting its stock price by series of positive announcements. A few days ago, the company announced a recent securing of construction and term debt financing, along with the ongoing construction of the Valley View Wind Farm in Minnesota. The announcement has certainly pushed up JUHL stock price, though not known for how long.

Along with the promotions, Juhl Wind filed its 10-K report yesterday. However, it looks like it won't be able to ensure the stock price. On the contrary, the financial results are quite disappointing. For the 12-month period ended December 31, 2010 total revenue of JUHL decreased by 46.3% as compared to the year before and the company's net loss exceeded $1 million. Besides, JUHL incurred a huge operating loss and its accumulated deficit jumped over $17 million.

Juhl_Wind.jpgIn March, the company received approximately $2.5 million in cash from equity funding proceeds relating to development fees for three of its completed wind farm development projects, and stated it was expecting to receive an additional funds this month.

Another $1 million from a project owner was obtained in the form of a loan for a  another project. However, considering the huge accumulated deficit, accompanied with the increasing operating losses, it seems that even the additional funds won't be able to cover all losses of Juhl Wind.

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