Peter Hristov

Biomoda, Inc. (OTC:BMOD) Turns Into Shorter's Paradise

by Peter Hristov April 1, 2011
BMOD_chart2.pngEven though Biomoda, Inc. (OTC:BMOD, BMOD message board) issued the promised update on the pilot study of its CyPath cancer detection method, the company's stock crashed down ruthlessly on a record high volume. The last two days BMOD got trapped in a 50% and 20% decline of the stock value, which wiped out the 280% gain achieved in the last month.

In fact, the last few weeks the company was markedly turning into sorters' favorite with short sales exceeding 50% of the traded volume. Only after the stock value plummeted, did the short selling subside down to 20%.

Even the company's statement that the pilot study of CyPath showed encouraging results couldn't prevent shorters from rejoicing. Its seems that technical analysis and day trading have taken rule over BMOD session these days.

0BMOD_logo.jpgNow that the stock has retracted back to its previous trading channel, the most important question is where will it head next. With short sales having dropped down, it seems that the chances for further depreciation had already been soaked up. However, the company's financial documents show that BMOD is primarily relying on common stock issuance to provide cash and brings forth the looming image of dilution into the stock play.

Therefore, in the coming days the direction of the stock will most likely be under the influence of short-term traders' mood.


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