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Power3 Medical Products, Inc. (OTC:PWRM) Continues to be a Stock to Watch

by Petar Ilievski April 4, 2011
2Power3Medical-LOGO.jpgWhile shareholders hope for a different week for Power3 Medical Products, Inc.(OTC:PWRM, PWRM message board), this one starts the same way as the previous ones. There is news at hand, however. It seems that Power3 is engaged in finding a cure for a disease that the world has no knowledge of up-to-date - the lzheimer's disease. At least not all the promoters got it wrong. PWRM-04.04.11.png

What the other promoters also got was millions of shares so that the promotional spam could continue. Among other things, most of the promotions that go out on a daily basis would mention that the management of the company believes it is making great progress in the development, sales and marketing. Unfortunately, the stock performance fails to share this success. The situation on the stock market is quite the opposite actually.

Power3 shares continue their glorious crash at the same pace att which promotions keep coming. Since the beginning of last December, a pattern of steady decline has formed, which is why the stock might hit sub-penny levels soon. The Friday session closed at $0.011, which is roughly a 10% decrease for the day. One thing that should be clear by now is that the constant promotional fire is clearly not helping reverse the negative trend. Although there are short positive jumps, they rarely last more than a day.

On the other hand, the decrease in value for the stock is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for traders who are looking to get in. Yet, what they are also looking at is the products of the company and its development since inception until today. Unfortunately, they should wait a bit more since Power3 has just filed a notification that the financial report with an end date Dec. 31st, 2010 would be a little late. Much like for the end of 2009, the company needs more time again.

So, instead of focusing on the finance condition, interested parties should focus on company's products. The key two words here are "patent" and "pending", but there is not really much news about the recent developments in the company, except for the coming from the above mentioned army of promoters. In terms, such environment provides a broad field for speculations. As a yahoo member puts it: "If Nuropro(Power3 product) works, the company would be bought for $25. If not, then bankruptcy is in the future."

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