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Dermaxar Inc. (PINK:DRMX) Stock Proves That More Botox Is Never Superfluous

by Ekaterina Zelenkova April 6, 2011
DRMX_price_chart.jpgYesterday, Dermaxar Inc. (PINK:DRMX, DRMX message board) stock proved that more botox is never superfluous.

No matter whether botox is in the list of the company's luxury skin treatment products with the brand name "Euoko", its DRMX stock, injected with botox, gained 1,837.50% between the trading sessions.

The real eruption of the share price yesterday, similar to the effects of using botox, not only smoothed the wrinkles of investors, but as a side effect made many of them happier and richer.

The other result of the injection, as dermatologists know, was the so called "added volume to skin depressions". This was achieved by the investors in respect of the share turnover yesterday.

The incredible four-digit percentage DRMX soar has been done on 1.9 million shares changing hands. This number also may smooth wrinkles, as it was sixty eight times the daily average volume for DRMX.

Maybe Dermaxar Inc. should make a patent named "Euoko" on such a "beauty treatment" for the shares' performance, thus presenting investors the possibility to bank gains on no company's news since this January.

DRMX_from_the_site.pngAt that time, two significant for the investor and the company events happened and non of them succeeded to result in a stock rush comparable to yesterday's.

The first positive development was the official disclosure of Dermaxar Inc. about the company's capital consolidation. On December 31, 2010 DRMX effected a six-for-one share consolidation of its authorized, issued and outstanding common stock. As a natural consequence, a few days after filing the SEC files DRMX was worth $0.85 per share. As opposed to yesterday's "beauty procedure", the above mentioned price managed to survive only one trading session.

The second, related to the future prospects of Dermaxar Inc. event, was one press release. DRMX announced that Tatler Pacific Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the company's luxury skin care brand Euoko. As the price chart here shows, the news was not appreciated by investors since DRMX continued its strong downward movement almost up to yesterday.

Recently, in addition to the informational eclipse around Dermaxar Inc. and its shares, it was not possible to find even disclosures for an ongoing stock promotion that could be named as the magical botox for the shares' spike.

It is a fact that yesterday the company was valued by investors at $906K. Maybe some of them are still the opinion that this is too small market cap for a company with a brand name and total stockholders' deficiency of $6.8M.

Others, with a believe in the good short-term run of the company's shares, possibly expects the next announcement of Dermaxar Inc. related to the company's brand name deal, without caring whether it will be disclosed with the SEC. The first one is not presented there.

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