Hristina Beeva

Club Penny Stocks Puts Great American Energy, Inc. (OTC:SRBL) On the Table

by Hristina Beeva February 21, 2013
The alternative energy sector is offering limitless opportunities for small cap companies, as soon as they make a good enough promise. Thus, we are seeing Great American Energy, Inc. (OTC:SRBL, SRBL message board) marking record sales every day after years of no marketing activity. The stock jumped 12% on Wednesday, to $1.30. SRBL0221.png

The real reason for the sudden activity is a paid professional email pump, starting February 18th. SRBL was mentioned in 9 emails this month for a total budget of $8,100. This caused three days of stocking up and hoping that the miner of rare earth metals makes it big one day. But let's look if SRBL can actually provide the much-demanded rare earth metals with its somehow flimsy financial situation: TAEC0221.png

  • $5,904 cash
  • $58,576 current liabilities
  • Zero revenues
  • $167,177 net loss

The company, still listed as food industry business on the OTC markets database, was formerly known as Southern Bella, Inc. Its mining operations are still preliminary, although it does own mineral rights, which constitute the larger part of its assets.

This does not prevent Club Penny Stocks from selling high expectations for SRBL. The pumpers even claim the ticker may offer gains beyond the day trade, and even promise it may become a part of the lithium and rare earth metals supply chain. The fact that Apple and other large producers need those metals to make batteries, however, does not guarantee that SRBL will get deals any time soon.

Along with the pumps, the company released future outlook stating that in 2013 it would start research on its Bear Creek property. But still the pump is the greatest generator of volume for SRBL, as previous news hardly managed to reach investors.

The next few days will show if SRBL will hold a trend or become a disjointed mix of up and down day trades. But keep in mind the history of past pumps by Club Penny Stocks, since they are cautionary tales for investors believing too much. Picks like Today's Alternative Energy, Corp. (OTC:TAEC) quickly moved up from their extremely low prices, but quickly went on to erase the gains on fast high-volume selling.

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