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Stock Mister Boosts MIT Holdings, Inc. (OTC:MITD)

by Hristina Beeva March 7, 2013
Spring may make all things grow, but on the OTC markets, it seems the sub-penny stocks are the crop of the season. Defunct pump-jobs return as bargains, or barely traded companies flood the market with extremely cheap stocks which sometimes offer outsized daily gains. This time it's the turn of MIT Holdings, Inc. (OTC:MITD, MITD message board), a barely known company that shot up 700% on record buying volume, but still remains relatively accessible at 4 cents. MITD0306.png

Let's see what a very inactive company has to offer in its balance sheets, an indicator of whether the ticker may stand for real activity or just a poorly performed business. MITD has the following strengths and weaknesses: FORC0306.png

  • $20,348 cash
  • $561,786 current assets
  • $3 million total current liabilities
  • $719,172 sales
  • $482,598 net loss

The company, providing personalized pharmaceutical services, seems to be working significantly, but the real reason behind the sudden spike is that MITD is the newest selection of Stock Mister. The professional pumper marks out the low price of the stock, a real inviting factor. Also, Stock Mister touts MITD as a company with a long history of serving individuals and hospitals with pharmaceutical preparations. But long-term business has little to do with penny stock volatility.

MITD is capped currently at $3.5 million, with 88 million shares outstanding. With just 8 million bought yesterday, it is unknown how many insiders also hold shares and may sell at the first moment they deem it profitable. Stock Mister warns as usual that its picks are volatile, and with 700% up in a single day the next trading session may indeed be a disaster.

We will watch MITD to see where it goes in the next few days, and if the pump effect will be cleared quickly. Other Stock Mister pumps do not fare well after the promotional emails stop. A previous deep-discount penny stock, Force Energy Corp. (OTC:FORC) tripled in price with just two promotional emails, but later wiped out 75%, and it is unknown if the fall will stop. In the case of tickers that Stock Mister touched, it is best to have a very clear estimation of acceptable losses and a good grip on your time horizon before risking your investment.

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