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Trulan Resources, Inc. (PINK:TRLR) Slumps Despite $60 Thousand Pump

by Todor Pichurov March 13, 2013
8TRLR_chart.pngYesterday Trulan Resources, Inc. (PINK:TRLR, TRLR message board) closed another 21% down and reached $0.04 at the closing bell. The promotional campaign for the stock seems to have had little effect on the price, as TRLR enjoyed only two days of closing in the green this month.

The pumps for Trulan started while it was still trading under its previous ticker symbol, TLAN, with several dozen emails sent in late February. The promotions resumed after a break of a little over a week, now touting the company as TRLR. The highest paid promoters were Wall Street Report who disclosed pocketing $150 thousand to advertise the stock.

The company kept up with the pumpers, releasing press announcements curiously timed exactly on the days of the pumps or immediately after. The press hype is admirable, especially when the company claims it yet-undeveloped Chilean property is worth $2.9 billion.

Leaving the forward-looking part of the whole thing aside, TRLR have given investors very little in the form of official filings, but it's no wonder since they are a pink sheet company. The last available report is dated September 2012, when the company was still called Hire International and worked in the field of HR.

The report contains some very decent revenues that end up devoured by costs and expenses, leaving the company with a quarterly net loss of $74 thousand. This was all before TRLR moved to the mining business and claimed to have wholly owned subsidiaries running operations in Chile. TRLR's OTCMarkets page claims that the company had 1 (one) employee as of October 2012.

As we previously mentioned, TRLR also seems to be very conscious of costs management, as the company appears to be sharing its office space with two more OTC-listed businesses, Rarus Technologies, Inc. and American Lithium Minerals, Inc., that share not just the address and street number but also the same suite with TRLR.

CGLD_fail.pngFor those curious about the performance of past pumps run by the outfits promoting TRLR now, to the right is a chart showing the performance of Colorado Gold Mines, Inc. (OTC:CGLD), f.k.a. Cascade Springs Ltd. CGLD were pumped on March 6 by Chatter Box Stocks, who are currently touting TRLR against $60 thousand in compensation. Sadly, the pump targeting CGLD left the company a smoldering pile, after it crashed 65% from the first alert by Chatter Box.

Traders are advised to do their own research and not to trade on paid recommendations alone.

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