Todor Pichurov

Trulan Resources, Inc. (PINK:TRLR) Down for the Count

by Todor Pichurov March 14, 2013

The company's press release yesterday did nothing to help the stock price, as traders seem to have lost what faith they had. Promoters are abandoning ship as well, with no new touts for TRLR coming through yesterday. The only emails that came after yesterday's closing bell were ones mentioning the small morning push TRLR attempted before it went through the floor. The promoters previously pumping the company are moving on to greener pastures, leaving investors a confused ball of tar and feathers.

The stock had a lot of trouble even with the ongoing pumps which started when it was still trading under its old ticker, TLAN. Promoters resumed touting the company as TRLR after a short pause. The cumulative effect of the pumps can easily be seen on the charts - four sessions closing in the green in two and a half weeks' time and currently sitting over 70% below the daily highs of the pump.

1PMCM_fail.pngAwesome Stocks, one of the parties that touted TRLR, previously ran other sordid pump jobs that lost a lot of money for a lot of people. In early February Awesome Stocks promoted Primco Management, Inc. (OTC:PMCM), touting its bright future and star-studded management. The pumpers pocketed their $60 thousand in compensation, even though after a brief spike PMCM was obliterated in a series of crashes, leaving the stock currently almost 90% down from the pump spike.

Today's session for TRLR is more or less an extension of the events that the end of the pump emails set in motion - TRLR is another 11% down in early trading as of the time of writing.

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