Martin Tsvetkov

Stock Mister Scores a Hit-And-Run Pump On Urban Ag Corp (PINK:AQUM)

by Martin Tsvetkov April 4, 2013

Nevertheless, the pump job seems to have already satsfied its initiators as AQUM opened at $0.055 per share (gapping up 35% from its close yesterday) and peaked at $0.15, thus providing a maximal profit opportunity of 172%(for those investors who bought at the open; traders who had bought a stake in AQUM at an earlier stage reaped even bigger benefits). By the time we are writing this material, nearly 3.9 million AQUM shares have already changed hands and the stock has plummeted to $0.039 per share after hitting a daily low of $0.027 per share.

So, AQUM shares have more or less lost a big chunk of their momentum and the session has not even ended yet. This pattern will most probably continue tomorrow as it is fairly applicable to Stock Mister's past pumped stocks. So if you were considering getting a stake in this company, you had better give it a miss for the time being and wait to see whether its most recent acquisition will have any material effect on the company in terms of fresh capital and sustainable cash flow(s).

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