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Unilava, Inc. (OTCMKTS:UNLA) Awaits Post-Promotion Monday Trading

by Hristina Beeva April 29, 2013
Yet another penny stock marked record selling, this time Unilava, Inc. (OTCMKTS:UNLA, UNLA message board), a company providing targeted telecommunication services. Straight away, it became clear the unusual activity was the result of a pump last Friday, leaving the ticker up more than 20% to $0.0077. Sudden activity and interest are usual for double-zero stocks, which become prominent now and then as investors seek high return potential. UNLA0429.png

The promotional promises for UNLA come from We Pick Penny Stocks, mainly focusing on the potential of the ticker to mark intra-day heights for quick gains. Past intra-day gains were as high as 200%, but this does not guarantee future performance. GROC0429.png

The ticker's activity was also boosted by the recent publishing of yearly financial data. These show a company with a robust activity, potentially underpriced at $770,000 market cap. UNLA has:

  • Zero cash
  • $275,000 current assets
  • $8.2 million total current liabilities
  • $3.1 million annual revenues
  • $1.5 million annual net loss, with a trend for narrowing

While the company is pressed by debt, it is still showing a potential to go on. Still, the extremely low stock price will move on its own laws. We have not followed the stock so far, so the new trading week will show how the activity will affect the ticker.

The promoter for UNLA, We Pick Penny Stocks, receives an unknown compensation for this campaign, and probably made it for free to improve its record with an active, but unknown and underpriced company. There were a total of 18 emails in the campaign, from different promoters, among them Super Nova Stock Picks.

While UNLA has little space to fall, a previous selection of Super Nova Stock Picks went through a catastrophe in the past few days, as it dropped from 7 cents to half a penny when the investors had enough and shed their holdings in several days of solid selling. The graph easily shows the case of Great Rock Development Corp. (OTCMKTS:GROC), which dropped more than 85% shortly after the paid emails. Also keep in mind that very cheap stocks like UNLA only keep for a short time, before the next underpriced contender shows up. Parallel to this opportunity is that of Bergio International, Inc. (OTCMKTS: BRGO), a jewelry company that trades at an extremely low position. But any of these stocks could wipe out the greater part of your investment, so do not dive in without making your own checks.

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