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Techno Concepts, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TCPS): Up 400%, but a True Cat in a Bag

by Hristina Beeva May 31, 2013
Techno Concepts, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TCPS) is a true bottom-dweller, surviving for years on the border of triple- and double-zero prices. But now its day has come, and with the May 24th promotion, the stock went into overdrive. The promotion was so fast and new that TCPS does not even have a set of press releases to further boost interest. TCPS0531.png

On top of all, this pink sheet has not shared any information, so we may safely state that all gains are mostly due to speculation and the unique promises that a rock-bottom price easily fulfills, at least in the short term. Blue Horseshoe Stocks mentioned TCPS among others, with very carefully worded warnings that the ticker may pull back any moment. But surprisingly, there was enough inertia and TCPS went up four times in the shortened week. TFER0531.png

Now that another Friday is upon the OTC markets, TCPS may be poised for retreat, just like it did last Friday. But in any case, TCPS is a rare and risky opportunity, a true cat in a bag. At 5-6 cents, the ticker is still underpriced and inertia could take it higher, but also it could sink back to its usual levels if investors decide they had enough.

Even in its day-to-day affairs, the company shows great passivity. The company has no website, little press release activity and so far only one name change in 2004, after running as Technology Consulting Partners, Inc.

On the plus side, TCPS set a buzz on investor forums, and this may flood in investments from the market. Capped at a little more than $4 million and with 73 million shares outstanding, TCPS trades within 10 to 20 million shares per day. But there is very little information that may suggest if TCPS will revive its operations and make more efforts to stand in the spotlight.

The pumper, Blue Horseshoe Stocks, named Bull in Advantage within the email, took TCPS for unknown compensation, probably for free. This pumper has a limited history of promotions, with an average budget of just $5,000, usually taking up several tickers in each email. While TCPS is its own class and totally unpredictable, other selections may show the effect of paid hype. The latest bounce and fall of Titan Iron Ore, Corp. (OTCMKTS:TFER) was triggered by a Blue Horseshoe Stocks email. The net effect was zero, but the ticker went in for a few very dynamic days, doubling in price and erasing the gains.

We have to wait and see how TCPS survives another weekend, but with limited information, it is best to know in advance if you can afford to lose 50% of your investment or more.

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