Borislav Tonev

Penny Stock Rock and Roll Jump In On Trulan Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:TRLR)'s Pump

by Borislav Tonev June 3, 2013

"Still" - you're thinking - "If TRLR start their operations soon enough, everything will be fine and the ticker will recover nicely". Theoretically, yes, that could happen, but as of right now, we have absolutely nothing to suggest that mining is indeed about to start. As we saw in our previous article, there is a good chance that both their US headquarters and the one in Chile could actually be nothing more than virtual offices.

We also saw that Mr. Robert Rosner, the current CEO of TRLR is also at the helm of Pinecrest Ventures, Inc. (PCVI) (traded on the Grey Market) as well as a few other companies and apart from the questions that arise around his ability to manage numerous ventures at once, you will also need to consider the fact that when we were covering HVYW, we found that their CEO is also involved in a number of publicly traded ventures and his past is not exactly crystal clear, as well.

Do all these facts mean that TRLR will follow in the footsteps of HVYW and FEEL? No one is able to say that for sure, but when we have in mind what happened to TRLR the last times they got pumped, we don't see how this campaign can yield different results.

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