Anastas Gegov

Will Trulan Resources, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TRLR) Fall Again?

by Anastas Gegov June 28, 2013

Might this be the reason for yesterday's uprise? Yesterday TRLR's stock went 12% up only managing to cancel out the fall from the previous day. It seems that the insiders have stopped or at least slowed down the dumping for now as the company's stock was traded below their average volume of 7.5 million with a total of 3.3 million shares that switched hands making the total trade value $43 thousand as the price went up from $0.0115 to $0.0130.

005LOGO.pngAs a matter of fact the pump for TRLR was poor even with the massive amount of emails that were sent, due to the fact that they were all filled with old news and the usual claims that their stock is undervalued. Is it really undervalued? TRLR have a market cap of $6.5 million. Let's take a quick moment to see what they have to back that up.


  • cash: $374
  • total liabilities: $204 thousand
  • revenues: $0
  • net loss: $67 thousand


We also wonder what exactly does their Chief Executive Officer do to increase his balance due from $1.1 million from December 31,2012 to $7.39 million as of March 31,2013. We are also supposed to believe that TRLR have discovered 1,764,112 ounces of recoverable gold and 1,905,428 ounces of platinum on their Iron-Gold-Platinum (IGP) project in Chile for which we have been trying to find the acquisition terms for quite a while now. Furthermore, having in mind that Trulan have never had any money we can only presume that they got a fortune-teller to carry out the exploration through a crystal ball, because they never paid any money for any exploration activity.

Other winners from yesterday are Vapor Corp., (OTCMKTS:VPCO) and Cleantech Transit Inc (OTCMKTS:CLNO) who went up 24% and 42% respectively.

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