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David Cohen Tries To Help With The Pump For Nuvilex Inc (OTCMKTS:NVLX)

by Borislav Tonev September 9, 2013
32NVLX.pngSeptember started on the wrong foot for Nuvilex Inc (OTCMKTS:NVLX) and, naturally enough, there is a very good reason for this. It all began on August 15 when a contributor published an article on Seeking Alpha urging investors to "stay out". The paid researcher firms that have put in so much effort in raising awareness during the last couple of months tried to respond to the author's opinion but the ticker's performance revealed that the stock was already on a much shakier ground. Then, on August 27, the company credibility took another blow from a different Seeking Alpha contributor who suggested that traders should be careful around NVLX due to the numerous red flags that we've been talking about in our coverages for months.

OTC Journal tried to fight back once again, while the rest of the entities involved in touting the ticker resumed with their rather entertaining articles suggesting that the company is at the forefront of the quest to find the cure for cancer, but this time, the underwater stones listed in the Seeking Alpha review had a greater effect on the ticker's behavior and NVLX registered six consecutive sessions ending in the red.

A third party called Cream Consulting Group tried to break the fall by paying $15 thousand to Marquee Penny Stocks (MPS) (and their affiliated newsletters), but it was to no avail. Another third party, Andalusian Holdings apparently saw that MPS' emails are not particularly effective and probably that's why they decided to call David Cohen who sent us a couple of alerts worth $30 thousand through his Research Driven Investor (RDI) newsletter.

Right now, less than an hour into the session, the touting from the more prominent promoter seems to be working and the ticker is currently around 10% above Friday's close but how long will the whole thing last?

Well, if history is anything to go by, NVLX will probably cave in under the pressure pretty soon. A quick look into RDI's track record reveals that one of Mr. Cohen's latest pick was Seven Arts Entertainment Inc (OTCMKTS:SAPX) - a ticker that jumped up by about 50% as soon as the alerts started flying in. Unfortunately, just a day later, it was back where is started. Today SAPX 5BLUF.pngseems to be sliding further down annihilating even more investments along the way.

At the beginning of August, Mr. Cohen was busy touting BluForest Inc (OTCMKTS:BLUF) and instead of boring you to death with the numbers, we'll just suggest that you take a look at the chart on the right and see for yourself how horrific the aftermath of the pump was.

Of course, NVLX might not be in for such a catastrophic crash but, as we've mentioned so many times in the past, there is too much awareness around the ticker already and an email pump is the last thing it needs. This is especially true when you have in mind the fact that the management team is quite shy when it comes to press releases.

Open NVLX's Yahoo! Finance profile and you'll see countless headlines issued by Goldman Small Cap Research and Stock Market Media Group, you'll also see the Seeking Alpha articles and the energetic responses published by OTC Journal, but unfortunately, the company itself hasn't given us an update on the operations for quite a while. At the moment, everyone seems interested in the Phase III trials but, as we mentioned in our previous article, a deadline for the start of the testing procedures remains nothing more than a mirage.

With that in mind, NVLX remains under serious threat from the paid pump currently being carried out for them and if a crash does occur soon, even the most loyal shareholders might decide that they have had enough. We reckon that this is definitely something to have in mind while deciding on your next move.

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September 09, 2013, 03:14PM

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