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All the Dimensions of 3D Eye Solutions Inc. (PINK:TDEY)

by Petar Ilievski May 4, 2011
TDEY-logo.jpgIt is innovative and it is one of limited information: that somehow sums up the profile of a typical pink sheet enterprise - meet 3D Eye Solutions Inc. (PINK:TDEY, TDEY message board). There is a general trend of decline over time, yet it is possible that a reverse takes place today. There is a catalyst in place, although maybe not the one shareholders hope for. TDEY-04.05.11.png

No shares traded one day, more than 700k traded during the next session. There are a lot of examples about the controversy that surrounds this company and, as mentioned, this week would probably be no exception to the rule. Yesterday, the volume traded amounts to16.5k, the session closing at $0.025 per share. Today, there is a promotion, which could make up for a completely different daily trading activity.

One of the issues with this company is the balance sheet. Besides the unpleasant "OTC PINK Limited Information" message here and there, the financials for 2010 show that at the end of last year the company had the following at hand:

  • total current assets - $77k(698 in cash);
  • total current liabilities - $2.3 million;
  • net loss - $1.1 million;


There are far worse cases in the penny stock world, but after all not every pink sheet company has its products affiliated with a $40 billion market cap enterprise. 3D Eye does, and the big name here is Texas Instruments Inc. Now, while this is by no means a guarantee that revenues are coming, it is at least a reason for hope. A little more than a year ago, 3D eye traded at levels above $1 per share. After that, it was a steady decline, intercepted by occasional press releases and announcements which pushed the stock up for a while before the free fall started again.

One thing is clear - this company operates in an industry with huge potential. If, indeed, it manages somehow to increase revenues and bring a level of stability, this would inevitably affect the stock market. If, on the other hand, the uncertainty and controversy remain main features in its development, 3D Eye could remain a favorite play of speculative investors and stock promoters.

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