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Makism 3D Corp (OTCBB:MDDD)'s Pump Escalates Quickly

by Borislav Tonev December 3, 2013
MDDD.pngIt really wasn't all that difficult to predict. Makism 3D Corp (OTCBB:MDDD, MDDD message board) was established a couple of months ago and just looking at the documents gives you a pretty clear idea of what this company was really set up for - a paid promotion. If you have been following our articles regularly, you know that we tried to warn investors about it three weeks ago when the ticker first caught our attention.

So, the paid pump wasn't really a surprise, but one thing can never be predicted - the scale of the promotion. As it turns out, in the case of MDDD, it's quite a big one.

It started off during the weekend through some email alerts sent by Paragon Report and their affiliated newsletters. Providence Media LLC, the entity standing behind the aforementioned pumpers is going to receive a total of $150 thousand, but apparently the third parties paying for the campaign thought that this sort of money simply isn't enough.

Small Cap Network pocketed $9 thousand and they wrote an article on their website which suggests that MDDD has all the substance but none of the hype associated with the 3D printing industry. That's a bold claim and it leads us to believe that Small Cap Network weren't really paying attention to yesterday's trading. The ticker managed to gain only 2.8% but in just six and a half hours, it shifted more than 5.4 million shares and racked up an absolutely mind-bending dollar volume of more than $5.9 million. With that in mind, saying that there's no hype around the company borders on the ridiculous.

In addition to the article, Small Cap Network also sent us an alert over the email and it led us to a purposely designed landing page. It appears to have been put together by a person called Andy Chambers and, as you might imagine, it contains the obligatory promises of wealth and fortune and even more far-fetched claims.

Apparently, Mr. Chambers is absolutely convinced that very soon, a host of technological giants like Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, and Brother will be lining up in front of MDDD's door, begging the management team to buy out the UK-based small cap 3D printer manufacturer.

He also says that the peculiarly-named Wideboy is going to "obliterate the market" and that MDDD will reach a near target of $3 per share and a long target of $5 to $10. All these claims seem somewhat strange since we have yet to see evidence of MDDD producing even a prototype, let alone a fully functioning machine. Then again, that would be very hard considering the fact that, as we mentioned in our previous articles, they have next to nothing in terms of assets.

Mr. Chambers' optimism seems really rather bizarre... at least until you reach the fine print at the end of the page. In there, you'll see that he received $10 thousand for his wild projections, and that a third party called Edge Strategies LLC has set aside a budget of no less than $2.75 million for MDDD's pump.

5VEND.pngThis puts the campaign alongside the most expensive active promotions in Pennyland and makes it more dangerous than ever for not one, but two reasons.

The first one is quite obvious - Edge Strategies, or whoever stands behind this mysterious entity will want to get their investments back and, as Fresh Healthy Vending International Inc (OTCBB:VEND)'s chart shows, this will most likely lead to a steep depreciation in the share price.

5SLCO.pngWhat's more, the colossal budget means that the SEC might step in just like they did a couple of times over the last three weeks. As illustrated by Sovereign Lithium Inc (OTCMKTS:SLCO)'s first post-suspension session, this will lead to even more colossal losses for the regular investor. Make sure you proceed with caution and keep all the risks in mind while making your decision.

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