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Vitamin Blue, Inc. (OTCBB:VTMB) Fires Up on New Promotional Effect

by Hristina Beeva December 5, 2013
Vitamin Blue, Inc. (OTCBB:VTMB, VTMB message board), a long-defunct pump, bounced off just before plunging into triple-zero positions. On Wednesday, VTMB added 160% to stand at $0.0026, on dollar volumes above $644,000. This, of course, is not unusual behavior for a stock in this range- but it is setting up questions whether VTMB may revisit the penny levels. VTMB1205.png

Such a rebounce would be dangerous, as it would invite investors anew to a risky stock that has lost more than 99% of its value in the past. Let's see if this surfer shorts producer can still ride the wave, with new noise and finally products rolling off the pipeline.VEND1205.png

But VTMB is rigged to return- boosted just in time by a press release and a new email from Penny Stock Whispers. The company padded this message with a press release, marking the first order to a firm owned by Mark Cuban, Tower Paddle Boards. Whatever the new story, VTMB is strongly influenced by its sub-penny status, and so this behavior may trump any positive news. At such a low price, high daily gains are not unusual, as are deep daily cuts.

Still, investors' forums are amazingly optimistic, and it looks like VTMB may show real production powers. The latest financials at the end of November show that shorts, T-shirts and surfboard cases lead to the following results:

  • $2,552 cash
  • $43,485 total assets
  • $934,026 total current liabilities
  • $47,898 salesVPIG1205.png
  • $409,502 net loss

VTMB is definitely operational, though it remains to be seen if the involvement with Tower Paddle Boards will cure the drop in revenues and the increasing debt.

For VTMB, beside the free email from Wednesday, there was Stock Mister message budgeted at $40,500, at the end of October. In fact, VTMB is quite the promotional champion, stopping only in August, with emails resuming as early as September. Yet despite the efforts, nothing could stem the slide below a penny.

Sometimes, even a company with a product and distribution may turn out risky, when it comes to OTC trading. A recent mover, pushed disproportionately by promoters, was Fresh Vending International, Inc. (OTCBB:VEND). The ticker did not fulfill the promise of prices above $4, and instead slid again toward $2 in choppy trading, holding on for now.

Even Virtual Piggy, Inc. (OTCBB:VPIG) had tough times despite the solid business model, but has now recovered a little to a range around $1.20.

If you like VTMB for any reason, keep in mind the possibility for sharp and fast correction, and avoid investing sums that you cannot afford to be wiped out.

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