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Nutranomics, Inc. f/k/a Buka Ventures Inc (OTCBB:NNRX) Disregards the Crash

by Kaloyan Gadzhev December 11, 2013
81NNRX_chart.pngOn Monday, some shareholders of Nutranomics, Inc. f/k/a Buka Ventures Inc (OTCBB:NNRX, NNRX message board) saw huge chunks of their investments disappear in a matter of minutes, as the stock plummeted.

The stock market is dynamic and companies don't need to talk about every price movement, but when shareholders are looking at a 54% crash, it may be prudent to address the issue. Instead NNRX decided to go for yet another of their fluff press releases.

Earlier today, the company announced it had received another purchase order from a Taiwanese company, Buildmore Enterprise Co. Ltd.

As it turns out, the pump job on NNRX didn't really end in October, as we previously thought. The pumpers just changed their name and the name of the newsletter.

In the beginning the pump was carried out through the ECA Group and their newsletters: Dividend Seeker, Investors Alliance, Traders Insight, and National Traders Association. Those newsletters stopped mailing in October, although the disclosure page of the ECA group showed payments for NNRX in November.

It appears the pump campaign may still be running, except the newsletter used now is Analysts Corner. The disclosure page their emails link to is absolutely the same as the one of the ECA Group except for the places where the ECA Group was mentioned.

Today, NNRX is quite volatile in early trading, and may struggle to keep the current price level. The next important date will be Dec. 16, when NNRX should be filing its quarterly for the quarter ended October 31, 2013. The 10-Q should give the public some more details of how the company has actually been doing on the business side.

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