Borislav Tonev

The SEC Suspends Makism 3D Corp (OTCBB:MDDD)

by Borislav Tonev December 13, 2013

Well, we won't be surprised if the management team issues a press release in the coming days saying that they have nothing to do with the pump just like they did when the ticker received its Caveat Emptor badge. It's up to you to decide whether you should trust them or not, but, as we mentioned numerous times already, even if they do have an idea of actually coming up with a revolutionary 3D printer, they simply don't have the money to realize their dreams. Now that the stock has been the target of such a disastrous pump, raising additional funds will be even more difficult which means that an investment must be well thought through.

Hopefully, the abrupt end to MDDD's pump will serve as proof of how dangerous penny stock promotions can be and will help traders understand that if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

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