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Qualsec's (Pink Sheets: QLSC) Spam Popping up

by Martinas B. June 18, 2008
qualsec_logo.pngSpam is endless. Today we have another stock that the spammers have fallen in love with. Messages touting Qualsec (Pink Sheets: QLSC) have been popping up in random email accounts lately. Let's see what this company is up to!

As stated on its website, the company is the developer of the Nano-Nose, the next generation of electronic olfactory sensory technology. Sound too complex? Sure it does!

The Utah-based company last week announced the development of the NanoNose. What will it do? Well, the company says this product will be able to "sniff-out" explosives, communicable diseases and hazardous materials in real time with an instant read out of the threat and its level of concentration in ambient air.

QualSecs target price for the device is around $2,000 - $3,000, which the company states will be much cheaper than its competitors. According to calculations made by Homeland Security, the market that QualSec is trying to enter is worth $2 billion every year. Back in March of this year, the company received a loan of $30,000 from an investment fund.

At first impression, the company seems to be creating a revolution. But the question is - how successful will the Nano-Nose be? Presently, they are in the development stage, so we need to wait and see.


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1. Guest
June 18, 2008, 12:27PM

Quotes Dear Sirs,

It has come to our attention that several spam emails have been sent this week regarding our company, QualSec. These releases contain excerpts from our first and only press release, which was distributed at the close of business last Friday, June 13th. One of these spam emails contains a reference to the sender having received 25,000 shares of QualSec as payment.

QualSec has nothing to do with these spam emails. Our stock has only been trading for two weeks with little publicity and very limited trading. Since we obtained our entire public shareholder base through last year's registered IPO, we know each and every shareholder personally. None of our shareholders, and certainly not the Company, has transferred or sold any shares, either for public relations or for any other purpose. No transfers or sales have been made by any shareholder except for cash at the then market price, through licensed broker dealers.

QualSec is offering $50,000 for information regarding the ultimate identity of these spammers. Spamming is contrary to our internal policies.

All information disseminated from QualSec is released via official press releases or through its company website at
For more information, please contact

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