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Dana Resources (PINK:DANR) Will Attack the Resistance with a Promotional Backup

by Peter Hristov May 16, 2011
7DANR_chart.pngNear the end of last week, Dana Resources (PINK:DANR, DANR message board) started to build up volume which was accompanied by a surge in the stock price.

As it is visible on the chart, the former support line has now turned into a resistance which DANR tested again in the last traded session. DANR opened at $0.0041, but managed to surge up to $.00051, or 2% higher than the previous close.

Now that DANR is preparing to attack the new resistance, it seems that it is a perfect time for a promotion. In fact, yesterday a newsletter from Wall Street Hottest Stocks arrived to bring more awareness to the no information pink sheets company. It was compensated $12,500 by a third party called Allen James Group.

DANR_logo.jpgDue to the promotional support, it won't be surprising if the company actually manages to break through the resistance. However, the more important question is how long the company will manage to sustain the surge.

It must be taken into account that DARN has not provided any grain of information lately about its operations. This informational eclipse can undermine the effect of the promotion and render more ephemeral than usual. It all depends on how much people will believe the words of the promoter.

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