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TagLikeMe, Corp. (OTCMKTS:TAGG) Comes Back on Unexplained Buying

by Hristina Beeva February 14, 2014
TagLikeMe, Corp. (OTCMKTS:TAGG, TAGG message board) is an old acquaintance- a once heavily promoted ticker that tumbled to rock-bottom prices. Now, for some reason, TAGG is back, doubling its price in a day, and worth the attention if it is preparing for something more. TAGG was once an Awesome Penny Stocks pump, and drew the classic pattern of a sharp spike and a 98% drop. And since November 2012, we have not intercepted any pumpers that dared go anywhere near this defunct selection. TAGG1402.png

But on Thursday, TAGG grew by 100% o $0.0008, on buying volumes above $665,000, a record in stock terms, if not in dollar terms. In the last few days, TAGG was becoming more and more active, leading up to the massive buying spree. It is rather strange, because TAGG has not released any dramatic news since the end of January, when it offered updates on general housekeeping items of the business, but no outlook on the activities or perspectives.HESG1402.png

In terms of financial results, TAGG is only doing worse in the fall of 2013:

  • Again, zero revenues
  • $3.35 million net loss
  • $8,000 cash
  • $1.22 million total current liabilities

Investors' forums are very wary of TAGG, both because of its history, and because at this price, insider buying or speculative operations could feign activity, mopping up the extremely underpriced shares to create interest and drag in other investors. With the lack of any news to really boost TAGG, this looks a likely scenario.

And if you want more triple-zero drama, the shares of Health Sciences Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HESG) are still active, though at an even lower range, with a day of buying propping up the price at $0.0003. HESG rose suddenly, also without news, on a very tenuous link to the cannabis sector, mentioned in press releases a year old. Even at this price, extreme losses were possible, when HESG wiped out more than 50% of the share price, from the peak at $0.0008.

The climb of Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TTDZ) also from triple-zero to $0.002 looks a bit more justified, as the ticker was preparing itself for shell status for an existing and operational tourism and logistics firm. Still, TTDZ has a strong tendency to await news and rise only on days of updates, backtracking by double-digit percentages during quieter periods.

It is truly amazing that TAGG has not found a way to fabricate a link to the cannabis sector. TAGG claims to develop and reserve online properties through its subsidiary, Glob Media Works Inc. So far, the company has not announced any intentions to appropriate its business model to serve marijuana companies. On the other hand, as in other cases, mere rumors posted on investors' forums start to make TAGG look like the next hot marijuana ticker.

TAGG is a wait-and-see stock making a strange comeback, and at this price could go in any direction, resembling the sporadic trade with wide daily swings that we've seen in the past months. Avoid investing unless you can also afford the setbacks after the short-term exuberance is over.

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