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Fima, Inc. (FIMA.PK) on the Spammers' target

by Martinas B. June 26, 2008
fima_logo.gifSpammers have been poisoning Fima's (FIMA.PK) stock. Apparently, the company, which specializes in land development, is taking this matter seriously, as it has said that it has no connection with the ongoing spam campaign whatsoever, and is going to investigate this.

The stock however seems to be floating in cool waters. The last time I checked the stock was trading at a price of $0.12 which is the lowest point since its debut on the market.

In the last announcement, dated June 23rd, the company strongly distanced itself from the spam campaign.

Disastrous performance

"We want to take this opportunity to clearly state, in no uncertain terms, that we are vehemently opposed to any and all such illegal spam campaigns. We are actively investigating the source of these emails, and once those responsible are identified, will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law," a company spokesperson said.

Last Monday, the company said it cut the number of its outstanding shares by 30%. Fima said a total of 9.5 million shares of company stock has been retired. The total number of outstanding shares decreased from 65.71 Million to 45.21 Million, or 29.6%.

Just because of these spammers, the stock has become dirty and isn't attractive anymore for investors. The company is trying to distance itself from the stock campaign, but I doubt if it could have any affect at all to the stock performance in the days ahead.


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