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Watch Out: Spammers Are Playing With Mindpix Media's (MPIX.PK) Stock

by Martinas B. July 8, 2008
1spam.jpgSpammers do not usually rest. Today we have another stock that has been poisoned, thanks to spammers. This time Mindpix Media (MPIX.PK) stock has become a victim of a spam campaign. Let's see what this company has been up to recently?

Today, in afternoon trading, Mindpix's stock has been floating at a price of $0.06, more than 50% down since the previous closing. Could it be the end of the spam campaign peak?

Last week, Mindpix defended its position against the spam campaign by issuing a formal statement.

It said: "This person or persons are attempting to draw attention to our company, is doing it for reasons that appear obvious. We find their actions ethically and morally reprehensible. We deeply appreciate your valuable time, interest and help in tracking down the sources of your and our concern."

Poisoned stock

Okay, let's see now what the company is actually doing. Mindpix seems to be singing its own praises on its website. The company is developing a fitness product called UltraFlex, which is, of course, 'an award winning product,' according to the company. And its clients include companies, such as Bank of America, SkyWest Airlines and others. Indeed, quite an impressive list, but what the company actually has to do with these companies, I was not able to find out if indeed these relationships are still alive.

At the end of the day, this stock is on the spammers’ radar screen, and it would be better for you to keep away from it for a while.


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