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Spam Alert: Sparrowtech Resource (Pink Sheets: SPMC)

by Martinas B. August 8, 2008
spmc_logo.gifHere is another pink sheeter that has been recently promoted on a penny stock spam campaign. Sparrowtech Resource (Pink Sheets: SPMC) is a tiny mining company with lots of ambitions. Let's see if these ambitions are really working out?

As it states on its website the company's mission is 'to establish itself as a leader of environmentally conscious mining operations.' Well, I am not quite sure if this is going to work out, having in mind that it still hasn't started any major drilling works.

There hasn't been much news from the company's camp lately. The last public announcement was made way back in March. Then it said it was in last stages of purchasing 60% of the mineral rights on the Nelles Property from EMCO Corporation S.A.

Sparrowtech President, Cornelia Volino then said: "We will now focus our attention on assembling a geological team as we prepare to develop an exploration program on the Nelles Property for the upcoming Spring drilling season."


The company's stock had some tough times recently. At 1:28PM ET on Thursday the stock was trading at a price of $0.0070 or it was down 12.5% since previous closing.

Sparrowtech still has lots things to do. First on the to-do list should be the drilling operations. We've had enough press releases so far. It is about the time to get going with its work on the ground.


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