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Guardian Angel Group (PinkSheets: GAGI) Turns into Evil?

by Martinas B. August 21, 2008
evil_spam.jpgSpam messages promoting Guardian Angel Group's (PinkSheets: GAGI) stock have been popping up into our email accounts. Is Guardian Angel losing the fight against the evil spammers?

The company's name indeed sounds very innocent, but is the name doing any good? Let's find out!

Before we go any further, bear in mind that this company's stock is labeled as a pink-sheeter.

When I started digging information about this company, I was initially looking to see if this company has a website, where I could find more information. I cheered up when I saw a press-release dated on March, 7th which said that the company had launched a brand new website under a domain:

Unfortunately, today this website is rubbish, serving only ads on its front page. If the company cannot keep its website online for a few months, how long can it keep its business running?

Nonetheless, my efforts were eventually rewarded, when I found the working version of the company's website.

But let's just forget about this for a few moments and let's just focus on the company's business. According, to one of its latest press-releases, the company has bought a company called Alea Holdings LLC. According to the announcement, Alea has developed sophisticated infrastructure risk analysis software, called INTELOS (patent pending) that accurately quantifies and grades in a standardized format physical security, operational engineering and country risks into one, easy to understand report.


On August 11th, the company announced the resignation of the current Chairman and CEO Claude Eldridge, being replaced by new Chairman and CEO Shaun P. Ryan. Guardian Angel Group said it is restructuring the company and moving forward as a risk analysis, risk pricing and risk mitigation firm committed to delivering annual cost savings and overall enhanced operational efficiencies to the global infrastructure community.

As of Tuesday the company's stock was trading at a price of $0.0500, or more than 16% down since previous closing.


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