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Xumanii International Holdings Corp. (OTCMKTS:XUII) Stabilizes

by Anastas Gegov August 18, 2014

Lately, we have been seeing some intense sessions for Xumanii International Holdings Corp. (OTCMKTS:XUII, XUII message board)’s stock. After some good gains on high volumes in the end of last month, however, the ticker has descended into the triple zeros.


This is all happening despite the regular optimistic press releases and we often see high volumes of traded stock. The stock has been recently trying to stabilize itself the $0.0010 mark and we see a significant decrease in the volumes in the past week.


We saw some intense trading in Thursday’s session for now apparent reason. The ticker dropped 10%, while a total of 329 million shares changed their owners as XUII came to a close at $0.0009. Despite the high amount of traded stock, however, the low price only managed to generate $277 thousand in dollar volume.


The was a press release made by the company, hours before the Friday session started, announcing that their personalized cloud solution has received positive response at the IT Expo. This was enough to stop the drop, as XUII gapped up at $0.001, but retreated to $0.0009, ending the session at the previous day’s closing price.


But let’s not forget the numbers contained in their latest report filed under the alternative reporting standard in the OTC markets. As of April 30, 2014 the company had these figures in its balance sheet.


  • cash: $200 thousand
  • current assets: $788 thousand
  • current liabilities: $2.6 million
  • quarterly revenues: $0
  • quarterly net loss: $1 million


Couple that with the fact that the comments in the review section of their tablet on Amazon that are promoting it seem fake, as we discussed in our previous article and the massive dilution that we have seen in the past several months and you have a recipe for disaster.


In any case, it does seem like things can go even further south, so be sure to do your due diligence and weigh out the risks if you have any ideas of making a play with XUII.

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