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Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co. (OTCMKTS:MHYS)’s Run Comes To A Halt

by Anastas Gegov September 10, 2014

The stock of Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co. (OTCMKTS:MHYS, MHYS message board) has been having a hard time throughout the past month as it slid into double-zero land, receiving almost no investor attention in the process.


Recently, however, there has been a lot of chatter around investor message boards and some optimistic news from the company. This led to some increased attention in MHYS during the latest sessions and quite the price increase.


Apart from all the optimism and the links to movies like Bus 657, which will star Robert De Niro and Daughter of God, with Keanu Reeves there are a few red flags which we would like to address. Firstly we would like you to check out the company’s financial report for the quarterly period ended May 31, 2014 and the numbers of prime interest contained in it.


  • cash: $48,631
  • total assets: $59,331
  • current liabilities: $4.13 million
  • total liabilities: $4.23 million
  • revenues: $0
  • net loss: $454,655


Doesn’t really look good for a production company does it. What bothers us even more, however, is the massive volumes that the company stock has been recording in recent sessions. MHYS’ outstanding share count that is listed in their latest financial report as well as on their profile in the OTC markets is 49,638,313.


As the stock gained a whopping 100% in price on September 5 we saw a whopping 277,117,562 shares change their owners which is more than 5 times the amount of O/S. The next day, when MHYS added another 100% in value the traded shares were even more, standing at 544,096,315.


This seems rather odd and it was time for a correction. Yesterday, the company stock fell 12.50% to a close at $0.0007. And again we saw the massive amount of 666,105,528 shares being traded, which generated $656 thousand in dollar volume.


In any case, the situation surrounding MHYS and its O/S count is rather shade and the company financials look grim. Furthermore, it looks like their website hasn’t been updated from 2012, which is rather odd for a multi-media company. This is reason enough for you to do your due diligence and refrain from jumping in on flashy production news.

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