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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NTEK) Crashing Hard

by Anastas Gegov September 26, 2014

NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NTEK, NTEK message board)’s stock has showed some volatile movements over the past few months with some recent renewed interest in the ticker after a deal with Sony was announced earlier this month concerning a bundling of NTEK’s Ultra HD 4K UltraFlix Network app for smart TV’s.


The company stock began to climb rapidly on heavy volumes and it seemed that NTEK was aiming above the 10 cent per share mark when the ticker started the week with a decent 36.03% gain, while a significant amount of shares switched hands, generating $1.55 million in daily dollar volume.


The latest financial report for NTEK’s third quarter that ended on March 31 also showed some pretty impressive numbers that suggested its market cap is underpriced compared to other OTC entities, despite still not reflecting the company’s book value.



  • cash: $35 thousand
  • current assets: $1.58 million
  • total assets: $2.81 million
  • current liabilities: $582 thousand
  • quarterly revenues: $5.13 million
  • quarterly net income: $377 thousand


If you look past the small amount of cash on hand that NTEK has you see that they  keep their liabilities rather low, while we are seeing an overall growth quarter over quarter and also the rare occurrence of an OTC company actually operating at a profit.


On Wednesday, the company announced another deal with a major Smart TV producer. In a press release NTEK informed the public that Vizio, Inc. have selected UltraFlix to be included on its new P-Series Ultra HD collection.


Despite the positive news, however, the ticker’s ascent came to an end on that same day and NTEK slid a hefty 23.63% in a downward direction on significant volumes. During the session there were more than 13.77 million shares that changed their owners, generating $1.16 million in daily trade value.


This just proves how volatile the stock of NTEK actually is, so be sure to do your due diligence and weigh out the risks when making an investment decision.

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1. Guest
September 26, 2014, 06:03PM

Quotes typo: Top Notch companies

2. Guest
September 26, 2014, 05:59PM

Quotes Part III
They just singed partnership with google, sony, vizio and a number of top not business, there is a lot more positives and future for this company, a penny stock supposed to be trading a lot more higher that this insane and obscene low balled price that is it trading, it is because ntek has been undervalued or least valued, it is simply been abused by some investors and traders, besides writers like you who without due diligence throw around words of fear mongering about this great stock. I hope you will be honest enough to read and publish this message and also write a rejoinder or clarify why you use such unrealistic, strong titles and abuse penny stocks in general. You have to be balanced and justifiable in what you write especially when you are in public domain where people look for sites like yours to learn what is exactly is going on?. Are you going to be diligent?
~~ Sincerely, SM

3. Guest
September 26, 2014, 05:58PM

Quotes Part II
As a Penny stock writer you are supposed to aware that it is part of the penny stocks to go through volatility, and abuse, because of greedy and vested interest people go around abusing such stocks that even the feds or SEC not cognizant enough to monitor and punish. In addition, no body cares or respects the smaller companies or penny stock companies as if they have no right to exist or nothing substantial about them, rather ironic and pathetic how people treat penny stocks.

As far as NTEK concerned, as a shareholder and trader of this stock, I find this is one of the gem of most companies out there across various sectors or scales.

This is a company with products already in the market and usage, it is a company well run with able management and team, and a number of line of products and future plans that one can see in their news releases, on website as well as on available products.

4. Guest
September 26, 2014, 05:57PM

Quotes So, what is your point Mr.Analyst of penny stocks?.
Look at the kind of title you put up, just days ago you wrote NTEK takes off roaring, and within a day or two you write ridiculous and unthoughtful, meaningless title NTEKs crashing hard and with such type of title, you conclude investors must do their due diligence. Let me ask you have you done yours before "fear mongering and making pompous statements" about a spectacularly performing tiny little penny stock company?.

While rest of the information in the core of your report seems reasonable, the way you title a news, and conclude are far from reality of what is really happening on NTEK stock.

to be continued in Part II

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