Todor Pichurov

Mind Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VOIS) Thunders Downhill

by Todor Pichurov March 19, 2015

Yesterday's trading brought more bad news for shareholders of Mind Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VOIS, VOIS message board). The company's share price charted a new red swath, with VOIS squashed another 24% down. This marked the ticker losing 60% of its share price within the space of just seven sessions.

This abysmal performance might look strange if you simply look up VOIS and see that they are a company working on a bleeding-edge brain-computer interface (BCI) solution that claims to be the smallest of its kind in the whole wide world. The company has an image of a guy playing a popular shooter PC game using the BCI on its website, what more could a tech-savvy investor possibly want?

Well, one thing would be an actual video of the interface working with Valve Software's popular Counter Strike game. Another would be decent financials, which is another thing VOIS lacks. The company published its annual financial report a couple of weeks ago and it contained the following:

  • $113 thousand in cash
  • $3 million in liabilities
  • $100 thousand in annual revenues, with $101 thousand total revenues since inception in 2002
  • $1.4 million in annual loss from operations

Then there's also the matter with VOIS diluting its retail shareholders like there's no tomorrow. The company's outstanding shares have grown by 61% over the past five months, from 1.08 billion in October to a whopping 1.74 billion in March.

The reason for this dilution is in the same report as well – virtually every toxic financier is present among those who lent VOIS money. The report contains the names of Magna Group, Asher Enterprises, JMJ Financial and Hanover Holdings. A single example of shares issued to those toxic financiers would be 66 million shares issued to JMJ for the conversion of under $20,000 worth of debt. This effectively means the company issued the 66 million shares at $0.0003 apiece.

VOIS is trying to recover in today's early session but considering all of the above, investors may want to have a long, hard look at the company's annual report and convertible debt before making any moves.

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