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LifeLogger Technologies Corp. (OTCMKTS:LOGG) Crashes Because Of Bashers

by Dragni Dragnev March 20, 2015

LifeLogger Technologies Corp. (OTCMKTS:LOGG, LOGG message board) has been having a rough couple of sessions lately – mostly on the account of a couple of negative reviews about the company by popular analyst sites.

Traders350.com seems to have had an active role in a couple LOGG's of recent jumps and crashes. It would probably be reasonable to assume that its latest negative articles have been the cause of LOGG's most recent journey to the bottom of the charts.

The analyst stated that LOGG has “ambitious objectives, but insufficient funds to turn those objectives into reality”, which seems accurate enough, considering the numbers in their latest financial report:

  • Cash - $248 thousand
  • Current assets - $265 thousand
  • Current liabilities - $84 thousand
  • Quarterly revenues - $92 thousand
  • Quarterly net loss - $18 thousand

And that's hardly the only red flag that due diligence on LOGG reveals. Investors should probably not dismiss the fact that the company's history has “bright” moments such as the time 417 thousand shares were issued for $250 thousand and another 425 thousand shares were sold for $255 thousand. Or like that time 31 million shares were sold for just $31 thousand back in June, 2013.

This is why investors should probably not dismiss said articles out of hand as “bashing” in this particular case.

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