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Advanced Medical Isotope Corp (OTCMKTS:ADMD) Slips Even Further Down The Charts

by Anastas Gegov April 17, 2015

March was a good month for the stock of Advanced Medical Isotope Corp (OTCMKTS:ADMD, ADMD message board). Over the course of the month the company stock managed to gain a significant 600% gain, but as April came things have been looking a little more differently.


Instead of an annual report, we got a notification of late filing on March 31, which meant that ADMD had 15 days to file said report. They managed to do it in the provided time and we got to see a more updated version of their balance sheet for the period that ended December 31, 2014. Here are the numbers of prime interest contained in the report.


  • cash: $203!!!
  • current assets: $30,388
  • current liabilities: $20.25 million
  • revenues: $24,108
  • net loss: $18.01 million


Those are surely some grim numbers. The cash is virtually non-existent, the current assets are very little and the liabilities are just massive. On a good not, the company did manage to start generating revenues once again, but they are very small compared to the massive net loss. In the interest of fairness, however, we should note that $10.56 million out of the $18.1 million net loss were in the form of "loss on derivative liability".


Still, that doesn't make things look a lot better and we haven't heard from the company for quite some time. To be precise, the last press release that ADMD has made dates back to December 23, 2014 when the company announced that they have filed a "de novo" submission for their Y-90 RadioGel™ with the FDA on which a decision should be made in the following 120 days.


The deadline is expiring and this might very well have been the reason for the recent upward run that the company stock recorded. Unfortunately, after ADMD reached a high of $0.0041 per share on March 31, the ticker began to hesitate. This hesitation has most recently turned into a downward slide.


Just yesterday, ADMD lost some 22.22% of its value and closed the session at a price of $0.002, or around 48% down from the March 30 peak. The daily volume was also significant and the 87.54 million shares that changed their owners generated $190 thousand in daily trade value, the biggest since the beginning of the month.


And even though today's session started a bit more optimistic with an opening price of $0.0022 for ADMD, the ticker is currently sitting at $0.0020, or 4.76% down from yesterday's close. The lack of news certainly isn't helping the stock's value and you should be sure to do your due diligence and weigh out the risks before putting any money on the line.

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