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The Wrong Meat for You: MediaTechnics Corporation (MEDT.PK)

by Martinas B. October 14, 2008
medt_logo.jpg Emails touting MediaTechnics Corporation (MEDT.PK) stock are popping up across the world. Is this how this company is fighting the economic downturn?

MediaTechnics Corporation is the parent company of Mediatechnics Systems Inc. According to the company's message on its website - "Mediatechnics is a world leader in CD, DVD and other optical format duplication equipment and has been in business for over ten years."

The company has been very active last month, as it sent out 7 press-releases. Taking into account that this company is a tiny pink-sheeter, this number is quite big. Nonetheless, most of the announcements were just meaningless. However, I would like to point out two of them, which in my opinion surely boosted the company's brand.

During September this year, MediaTechnics Corporation has received two orders: one for 50,000 DVDs from Mattel Corporation and another order to provide FUSION CD/DVD duplication and printing autoloader systems to Cessna Aircraft.

Share price continues to fall

The share price didn't enjoy the spam campaign. There was no spike in the share price. Rather, the share price dropped substantially and as of last Tuesday it was trading at a price of $0.0070.

At the end of the day, the company proved its business is still breathing; it secured a few important deals back in September. However, my concern - is company's inability to provide a full report about its financial situation.


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