Anastas Gegov

Alkaline Water Company Inc (OTCMKTS:WTER) Goes Even Higher

by Anastas Gegov July 14, 2015

After some trouble in the final month of the first quarter of the year we saw Alkaline Water Company Inc (OTCMKTS:WTER, WTER message board)’s stock stay relatively stable in the months of April and May. As June came knocking on the door the ticker began to slowly climb the charts.


Lately, the ticker has had the pleasure of quite big investor interest coupled with a steady increase in price. This is most likely due to the anticipation of the company’s annual report which should come soon. WTER has been doing fairly well so far and despite the not-so-good numbers in their balance sheet we have seen progress from the company. Here is what it had to show for the quarterly period ended December 31, 2014.


  • cash: $130 thousand
  • current assets: $833 thousand
  • current liabilities: $942 thousand
  • quarterly revenues: $857 thousand
  • quarterly net loss: $766 thousand


To spice things up the company recently reported that their latest quarter has been the best in WTER’s history. Unfortunately, we are still awaiting some solid numbers to back that up. In the end of last month the company filed an NT 10-K notification of late filing which means that their report should be filed by tomorrow.


Some touting by One Equity Research LLC who have received 1.5 million restricted shares of WTER as well as $20 thousand by a third party managed to hype things up in the days before the quarterly filing and we saw WTER climb 14.48% up in yesterday’s session, generating $598 thousand in daily dollar volume.


Still, we see the ticker hesitating in today’s session sitting 2.94% down from yesterday’s close as of the writing of this article.

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1. Guest
July 15, 2015, 10:39AM

Quotes With the financial report currently online, the stock is down 7%. The report has backed up all of the claims, showing that annual revenue increased 570%. The balance sheet is poor due to impending rapid growth of the company. With this news the stock is still down, is this due to no "pump" effort to bring awareness to this company? I don't understand why it's decreasing.

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