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Mysone Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MYSN) Fizzles Out

by Borislav Tonev July 15, 2015

Lifting an illiquid penny stock and getting it to move in the right direction is not that difficult. In fact, Mysone Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MYSN, MYSN message board) showed us over the last few weeks that all you need is a couple of positive press releases and some help from the pumpers.

First, the company announced the acquisition of a 50.9% stake in a Vietnamese entity called Van Phuc Holdings which, supposedly makes $10 million per year in net profits. Later, MYSN's management team said that they, along with their newly appointed certified auditors, are working towards turning the company into a fully reporting NASDAQ-listed entity.

The pumpers, represented by Winston Small Cap, also raised some awareness and as a result, MYSN logged a rather interesting session on Monday. The stock surged right out of the gate and a few minutes after the opening bell, it hit a 52-week high of almost $0.18. It then stumbled and lost quite a bit of ground, but it still managed to finish the day above the $0.10 mark for the first time in a while.

So, there you go. Ensuring 133% in daily gains is not that hard at all. Keeping those gains, however, is a bit more tricky.

MYSN failed to hang on to the $0.10 mark and shortly after opening yesterday's session with a small gap up, it started tumbling down. Six and a half hours later, the closing bell stopped it at just under $0.07 per share. In other words, MYSN managed to lose more than a third of its value in a matter of a single day of trading.

So, the people who were happily jumping in during Monday's session are probably a bit more apprehensive at the moment, and they're most likely wondering if the ticker can bounce in the coming days and weeks.

That, unfortunately, is just one of the many unknowns surrounding MYSN at the moment. There really are plenty of unknowns.

Nobody knows, for example, why Van Phuc Holdings, the company that makes $10 million in yearly profits, doesn't have a website. We also don't know why MYSN have put in the “International Trade” section of their website a picture that was originally uploaded on a page dedicated to the pollution caused by coal export in Columbia.

More question marks start to pop up when you think about how exactly they are going to meet all the NASDAQ listing requirements with just $240 (the amount of assets according to the latest financial report).

All in all, plenty of questions that can not be answered at this point. And while you're tormenting your brain with them, other people might already be making money from the stock. The two consultants that got more than 16 million shares at an undisclosed price could be among them.

About fifteen minutes after the opening bell, MYSN is sitting at a little over $0.07 (8% in the green).

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